Eye care testimonials, Wilkes-Barre“We found out my daughter needed glasses in kindergarten. Dr. O’Donnell was very kid-friendly, so her first eye exam went very smoothly… and we’ve been coming back ever since! Now 22, she is bringing her own daughter to see Dr. O’Donnell! Our whole family relies on Dr. O’Donnell for all our eye care needs!

“Dr. O’Donnell conducts a thorough examination, which we all appreciate. He and his staff are very professional, courteous and friendly and the office is welcoming and clean.”

Eye care testimonials, Wilkes-Barre“I first learned about Dr. O’Donnell through word of mouth. A friend and neighbor told me about this office. I like the cleanliness of the office, as well as the friendly staff. I feel very comfortable here. Dr. O’Donnell talks to you like a friend. The doctor is very patient with his patients and he listens. He’s also very calming and it is easy to understand his jargon. I leave here knowing all I need to know.”


Eye care testimonials, Wilkes-Barre“I’ve been a patient of Dr. O’Donnell’s since I needed my first pair of glasses in kindergarten. My whole family, including my mother, grandmother and my daughter, go to Dr. O’Donnell. Dr. O’Donnell and his staff are very warm and welcoming to my family.”


Eye care testimonials, Wilkes-Barre“My family, consisting of four generations, has been coming to Dr. O’Donnell since his practice was established many years ago. He is professional and personable, and very thorough in his examination. I am very pleased with Dr. O’Donnell.”


Eye care testimonials, Wilkes-Barre“I like that Dr. O’Donnell is nice and helped me keep my eyes healthy!”


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